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Jazzy Concepts was launched in March 2001 to develop and promote unique entertainment brands. Since then, it has managed to do exactly that with it's premium brands being both 'MIXMASTERS' and 'HIP HOP HURRAY', which have now turned into annual All-India Tours. The ideology of the company is reflected in it's Motto 'IT ALL BEGINS WITH A DREAM', which identifies that all creativity owes it's origins to the artist's dream. It also signifies that the dream is only the beginning, not the completion.

Of course, no company can realise it's passions and commitments without help and support from it's associates, the industry and most of all, the core team that makes the dreams come true. Today, this relatively young company not only owns some of the Hottest Unique Brands in Entertainment, but is also involved in creating new venues, assisting present DJ's & venues with their unique requirements and training new DJ's through Special DJ Classes by DJ JAZZY JOE, one of India's Leading DJ's and the Founder of Jazzy Concepts. As Jazzy Joe says, "The party has just begun.There's much more to come !" So, stay tuned and Enjoy !!

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