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J.A.M. (Just About Music)

This was a Six-Month long concept at NYX, 32nd Milestone, Gurgaon, Haryana, India, where the objective was to Provide Wholesome and Variety Entertainment throughout the week and justify the Concept Name by providing an outlet for various types of music. This would create a loyal crowd on each night who would come for their particular type of Music & Ambience.

Called J.A.M. (Just About Music) and the brain-child of Jazzy Joe, one of India's Hottest DJ's and founder of Jazzy's Concepts, the concept offered something for everyone as it took you from country music to salsa to jazz to blues to old hindi music. The concept was targetted at the 30+ connoisseurs and executives who can appreciate good food, drinks and music. As Jazzy says, " J.A.M. was not for teeny-boppers who would rather dance away to house or trance. It had a very targetted and dedicated approach to a lot of people who had stopped going to nightclubs as they didn't get what they liked and deserved. We gave them a chance not only to enjoy their preferred ambience but also to explore new ones."

The week started on Tuesday with Jazzy Blues, a night for Jazz and Blues music - something a lot of people love but very few places in the country provide. This was followed by Wednesdays, which was Girls Night Out, which pampered the women as they got to be the ones given priority for entrance ( men can only come in if escorted by a lady ), the Bar ( Special drinks for the night ) and Music ( More romantic music, something you can't get anywhere else ). On Thursdays, the scene got Hotter as every week, a different form of music was promoted - from Country to Salsa to Rock ' Roll to Hip-Hop to Rock and much more. To help people understand the music better, live Acts and Dancers also performed the music/dances with guests encouraged to join in. Fridays were very different with a brand new concept called ' Around the World in Eighteen Days ', where every week, a new country was celebrated. This was done in association with the various embassies and was targetted towards Diplomats and Expat's. Saturdays were more emphatic towards the Dance Floor as everyone likes to shake a leg on a Saturday to dance hits from the pop charts. Sundays offered a totally new concept in the form of a Hindi music night featuring music only from the 60's, 70's and 80's - only Records were used, No CD's ! As Jazzy says, " You'll be surprised how much good Hindi music comes from that era and no place played it ! "

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